Cars for Tall People

Review of Cars for Tall People

Challenging Current Cars-Tall Transportation

by Scott Trahms, RETC Member

Have you ever contorted yourself into your own or a friend's car? How many times have you hit your head on a roof panel turning your head? Does your hair static cling to the ceiling of most cars?
Dream of an automobile that has enough headroom to comfortably sit up straight, goes zero to sixty in about six seconds and corners like a slalom skier. It looks cool. You are exhilarated to drive anywhere.

I have this dream. I know you, my tall friend, do as well.

My story is like many a 6'6" tall man's, requiring 39.7" of headroom to drive any automobile. My vehicles have been pick-ups and SUVs. I want my Corvette. Sorry, 37.6" of headroom in the 2004 convertible. With the top down, the upper bar of the windshield and sunvisors are in perfect view. Alright other automobile makers produce sporty sedans:

  • The 2004 BMW 5 Series has 37.7" of headroom in the driver's seat.
  • The 2004 BMW 7 Series measures 39.2".
  • The 2004 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan has 37.6" and the E-Class 37.4".
  • The Lexus LS430 provides 38.1" and the
  • Jaguar XJ 38.4".

Where is the 40" driver's headroom automobile? Applause to the unlikely.

  • The 2004 Volkswagen New Beetle tops the list at 41.3".
  • The Honda Accord has 40.0".

Even the Mini Cooper is rumored to fit a man of 6'8" stature. If small cars can sport 40"+ headroom, what is the excuse for the larger sedans?

Sunroofs are a significant foe to 40" of driver's headroom in current sports sedans. The 2003 Lexus LS430 had 39.6" of headroom without the sunroof and 38.1" with the sunroof. For 2004, the sunroof is standard and all have 38.1". Sunroofs need to be stand alone options, they decrease headroom from 1.5" to 3.0". The Infiniti FX without a sunroof exceeds 40" of driver's headroom, but the sunroof is part of a package and not a stand alone option. Anyway, why can't a sedan be built with a sunroof and have 40" of driver's headroom?

Now that you are further aware of the limitations of current production automobiles, be part of the solution. Contact the major automobile maker of your choice, ask for 40" of driver's headroom, so we too can have comfortable, safe, fun and exciting motor vehicles.