Clothing & Fashion for Tall Women & Tall Men

Tall Women’s Clothing

Long Elegant Legs  800-344-2225

Long Elegant Legs is a nice specialty catalog that I was introduced to by a friend. They have fashionable Tall women’s clothing that is REALLY tall. If you have a hard time finding pants that are long enough, try this catalog. They also have very long jackets and skirts. My favorite thing about this catalog is that the clothes are styled with the Tall woman in mind, not just long versions of average size fashions. I prefer to shop through their catalog, because I find their website a little slow. But if you’re looking for something different, try this catalog.

Chadwick’s  1-800-525-6650

Chadwick’s is another source for inexpensive professional clothes for Ladies. My main complaint is that while everything they have comes in Petite, only a few items come in Tall or Long – is that discrimination? I don’t know about you, but a 33” inseam isn’t that long to me. Most of their shoes are also available in 11s, but not 12s. They also often have free shipping & other promotions. Downside – sometimes their merchandise can be backordered & they are not so speedy on credit card refunds for returns. But the prices & selection are great if you can be patient about receiving your order.

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Sheppler’s Western Wear

Sheppler’s Western Wear is a great source for Western Clothing clothes for Tall Ladies including Women's Rockies 36" inseam, stretch tall rise jeans as well as a variety of Western Wear for the Tall Women.

Tall Girls Shop icon

Tall Girls Shop is a chain of tall shops located primarily in the northeast. They do not have a catalog, but they do have a website where you can register to receive a brochure containing some of their fashions. Then you must call a retail shop to order. It’s inconvenient, but since they do not have a shop in Texas, you don’t have to pay sales tax!

Tall Classics icon  800-345-1958

Tall Classics is another specialty online only mail order retailer run by a Tall women who turned her clothing frustration into a business. Their clothing selection is limited, but they are very friendly with good personal service. They usually carry lots of casual wear and pantsuits, and if you are looking for something that not everyone has in their closet, give Tall Classics a look.

Long Tall Sally (London)

LongTallSally has been around for years and is the leading Tall clothing catalog in the UK. Both are priced in pounds sterling, but are in US sizes. The prices are quite reasonable, and you can be sure that you won’t see everyone else in the same outfit when you order from these sites.

Newport News  800-688-2830

Newport News is a catalog formerly known as Avon Fashions. It has a good selection of reasonably priced women’s fashions, including some Talls, but it especially good for long torso swimsuits and cute inexpensive shoes. Nearly all their swimwear comes in hard to find long torso sizes. It’s worth checking out for fun summer clothes.

Tall Men's Clothing

Big Dogs

Western Clothes in Tall Sizes

Work Clothes in Tall Sizes

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