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LongTallSally and its sister site, TallZone, are both based in the United Kingdom. LongTallSally has been around for years, and is one of the leading women’s Tall clothings catalog in the UK, while TallZone is their new fashion-forward site.
Both are priced in pounds sterling, but are in U.S. sizes. The prices are quite reasonable, and you can be sure that you won’t see everyone else in the same outfit when you order from these sites.
Check out their Web sites are and

Men’s & Women’s Clothing

The Gap Online Store  1-800-gapstyle

I like Gap jeans and I am just tall enough that their Long sizes fit me, but I have to be careful with the dryer. However, Dave is too big for their store's selection. Now comes their online source - I received a promotional postcard from Gap in the mail and decided to try it, especially since women's EXTRA LONG sizes are only available on the website. All the jeans styles sold in the retail stores are available on this website in an expanded range of sizes, and best of all, they are the same price as in the store (plus a $7 shipping charge for 2 pair).

  • Womens to 16 XL
  • Men's to 46x36
  • 7 jean colors
  • 10 Khaki colors

I ordered a pair of jeans each for Dave and myself (great fast website - it took all of 5 minutes), and anxiously awaited the arrival of the UPS man. Both of our jeans fit great and are generously long! We are converted! You can also order in person at Gap stores.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is one of my favorites for both men’s and women’s casual & work clothing. Tall items are only available through mail order, but what a selection! EVERYTHING in the catalog is available in talls – and at the same reasonable price as regular sizes. How many of you have been through a catalog, picked out something favorite, only to find it is only available in petite and not TALL? I have never seen tall shorts until Eddie Bauer, and they fit great! Tall shirts have extra-long tails that stay tucked in. Eddie Bauer often has great sales, but order as soon as you get the catalog, as they sell out quickly. Returns are easy too, just mail back or take them to any Eddie Bauer store for credit.

J.C. Penney 800-222-6161

Sometime we forget about some of the more obvious sources for Tall clothing. J.C. Penney has specialty catalogs both for Women’s Talls and Men’s Big & Tall. They carry a wide variety of reasonably priced clothing in Tall sizes, including a wide selection of basics. If you ever order from them, you will receive a new catalog every month or two, and then they start sending you discount coupons (always a plus!). Returns are easy, either by mail or by taking them directly to your nearest Penney’s store. Pick up a J.C. Penney specialty catalogs: Women’s Talls and Men’s Big & Tall at your nearest Penney’s store.

Lands End

Land’s End Inc

Lands End is an old favorite of many Talls. I’ve been buying clothes from Lands End for over 15 years, but that was because I lived in Midland in the 80’s and I didn’t have a choice but mail order! Lands End has a wide selection of casual clothing in a wide variety of sizes for both men and women. I have had especially good luck with Lands End for pants, since they will hem them to long lengths. If you are looking for Tall women’s business clothes, Lands End has a specialty catalog called First Person. Some of the selections come in Tall sizes, but still not as many as come in petite! Is that discrimination?

Sierra Trading Post

www.SierraTradingPost.comSierra Trading Post: save 35-70% on casual apparel, dress clothing, travel gear, outdoor clothing, footwear, home furnishings, and outdoor gear!   1-800-713-4534

Sierra Trading Post is a Cheyenne, Wyoming based catalog and web retailer specializing in outdoor and travel gear. They buy closeouts from other retailers and offer the products usually at about ½ of retail. They often have an excellent selection of name brand men’s clothes in Tall sizes at FANTASTIC prices. I have bought Dave quite a lot of outdoor gear from this site. They also often have Tall outdoor jackets and ski wear, and run super specials on their website. I don’t remember how I originally found Sierra, but I’ve been buying stuff from them for years. It’s a great place to start if you are looking for cold weather clothes for that ski trip!

Other sites: - list of lots of sources - also with lots of links - Australian site

Other Stuff


This website was started by a 6’ 11” college architecture professor in Vermont and specializes in Tall-sized furniture and home items. It also features links to other Tall sites including TCI and Marfan. His site was featured in Causal Male Big & Tall’s December newsletter “Think Big Times.” Most items on his site are household-related, such as extra-long 90” beds. I’ve never ordered from here, but it you’re looking for a Tall-sized director’s chair, this is the place!