Shoes in Larger sizes for Tall Women and Tall Men

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This is my all-time favorite shoe source for men & women’s large shoes. Nordstrom is known for its their attentive & friendly service. The Nordstrom chain started as a shoe store in Seattle, so they have the most AWESOME shoe departments on the planet. It is the only place that I can walk in and buy ANYTHING in my size 11. This is a wonderful site with an excellent selection of shoes in a wide range of sizes. They also have a great selection of men’s shoes. And they duplicate that excellent customer service with their web & catalog service, including FREE shipping for returns.

STATUESQUE   800-367-7167

Statuesque is a shoe catalog – actually a shoe flyer. They are based in Florida, so they carry lots of sandals and fun summer shoes very appropriate for Houston summers. You cannot order from their website, but their 800 number staff is very friendly and orders are delivered quickly. A good source for cute summer shoes.

Oddball Shoe   800-884-4046

George recommended that you guys check out, a site and store in Portland, Oregon. It has an amazing selection of sizes (11B to 25 EEEE!!!) and an impressive selection of style, ranging from conservative work to serious fun and in sizes our Tall Guys will like.

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