Seven-footer takes life in stride

Wed, 03/01/2006

Tom Herzog enjoys 'living large'

Imagine what it would be like to be seven-feet-tall. You'd have to duck going through doorways, you couldn't fit into a car and you'd have to have a Shaq-sized bed. Those are all things Tom Herzog deals with every day. So we spent a day with big Tom to see what it's like to 'live large.'

On the basketball court, a coach can always find space for player who is seven-feet-tall. In the real world, however, "Things aren't made for seven-foot people," said Flint Powers basketball player Tom Herzog. The Powers senior is finding that out. When he buys his pants, he has to look for a 38- or 40-inch inseam. He's not alone in his plight, though. Four of Tom and Cheryl Herzog's five children are over six-feet-tall.

Don't get the wrong idea. Tom doesn't curse his height. In fact, it's been a blessing. Tom received a basketball scholarship to Michigan State and he's learned to use his height to his advantage off the court. As it is with all of us, for Tom, most negatives are offset by related positives. Because of that, Tom doesn't want to live small. He enjoys living large. His teammates like it too. Not only because Powers is a favorite to win the Class B State Championship, but each and every one of the players said that Tom is the nicest guy you will ever meet.